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How Social Media Marketing Supports Your Business



 You keep customers informed of all company news and offers, so they don’t lose sight of you and share your content.

 You get targeted traffic to your website, together with social signals which are a must-have for high search engine ranking.

 You interact with subscribers in a form of a dialogue and get to know their needs and opinions at first hand.

All The Features You Need

Your complete Social Media Marketing solution

Deep Target Audience Analysis

We study your target audience, its needs and interests to make the right choice of social media and work out the content strategy.

Social Media Networking

We attract your target audience by means of invitations, attractive content, regular updates and interaction.

Social Media Optimization Of Your Website

Your site should be optimized for SMM to ensure easy “liking” and sharing of your content. We integrate widgets, buttons, icons.

Professional Content Creation

Our content specialists create quality texts, photos and videos necessary for the success of your social media marketing.

Account Creation and Setup

We open company branded pages in all chosen social media sites and optimize profiles, including graphics and design.

Detailed Monthly Reports

In order to keep you informed of our SMM services and their results, we deliver in-depth social media marketing reports.

Social Media Marketing Packages

Who will provide content for our social accounts?

When you have some company news or fresh offers, you are always welcome to send us texts and photos, which we will then convert into posts. If you don’t have any news today, we’ll generate a neutral post with valuable/interesting/funny content in your niche and add a great pic.

Is it possible to add social widgets, icons and buttons to a ready website?

Sure. Our designer will choose the appropriate style, and our developer will integrate everything on your website if you give us the access. Or, you can delegate this task to your own developer. All social tools will work as a united system with your website content and social accounts.

How many posts are ok in one account for one day?

Modern users are overwhelmed with information, so we recommend posting 1 to 3 times a day. It is enough to remind subscribers about yourself and deliver all the information you need. At the same time, such updates won’t annoy social media users if made with reasonable intervals.

How do you grow social accounts audience?

We begin with creating and branding your social accounts, then fill them with initial content to engage new subscribers. When everything’s ready we begin inviting users from different communities in your niche to get not only a big number of followers but also a quality targeted audience for your business.